Guitar, Sheet Music, Glass (1912) by Pablo Picasso

Guitar, Sheet Music, Glass - Pablo Picasso - 1912

Artwork Information

TitleGuitar, Sheet Music, Glass
ArtistPablo Picasso
Mediumcollage,Ink on Paper
Dimensions48 x 36.5 cm
Art MovementSynthetic Cubism
Current LocationMcNay Art Museum, San Antonio, TX, US
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About Guitar, Sheet Music, Glass

Pablo Picasso’s artwork, Guitar, Sheet Music, Glass, showcases how his artistic principles were heavily influenced by cubism. By pasting different pieces of paper together, Picasso creates a unique visual and makes it distinct from traditional artworks. At first glance, the picture appears ordinary but as one takes the time to get closer to the painting they can explore its intricate details that transform it into an image of classic portraiture.

Another of Picasso’s works that display the same artistic style are Glass and Bottle of Bass. The assemblage of colorful paper with interchanging textures gives a sense of perspective and movement in this artwork. As is generally observed with Picassos’ works, little details contribute greatly to its appeal and viewers can appreciate its complexity further when seen in person.

Picasso’s fascination with cubism has ensured his legacy remains strong today by inspiring future generations of artists to continue exploring his playful yet creative approach to creating artworks. From Guitar, Sheet Music, Glass to Glass and Bottle of Bass, Pablo Picasso truly succeeded in blending objects into one unified composition. These artworks serve as a reminder of the artist’s great talent for creating masterpieces from simple everyday materials.

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