Gumersinda Goicoechea, Goya’s Daughter in Law (1815) by Francisco Goya

Gumersinda Goicoechea, Goya's Daughter in Law - Francisco Goya - 1815

Artwork Information

TitleGumersinda Goicoechea, Goya's Daughter in Law
ArtistFrancisco Goya
Dimensions11 x 8.2 cm
Art MovementRomanticism

About Gumersinda Goicoechea, Goya's Daughter in Law

The artwork titled “Gumersinda Goicoechea, Goya’s Daughter in Law” is a creation by the illustrious artist Francisco Goya, dated to the year 1815. The medium employed for this piece is chalk on paper, which underscores its classification within the genre of sketch and study. Embedded in the Romanticism art movement, the artwork is modest in scale, its dimensions measuring approximately 11 x 8.2 cm.

The artwork presents a portrayal that captures the essence of spontaneity and a certain raw intimacy characteristic of sketches. It depicts Gumersinda Goicoechea, who, as inscribed within the piece itself, is related to the artist by marriage. The use of chalk allows for a soft texture and subtle gradations in shading, revealing a thoughtful study of light and form. The figure is seen in profile with her gaze directed slightly downward and away from the viewer, suggesting a moment of reflection or repose. Her hair is styled in a way that reflects the period’s fashions, with delicate details suggesting curls or adornments. The strokes are expressive, yet delicate, conveying the subject’s visage with both sensitivity and a certain economy of line. Despite the small size of the piece, there’s an immediacy to the work that conveys the artist’s adept hand and ability to capture the personality and mood of his subject with a few expert strokes.

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