Habbakuk (‘Lo Zuccone’) (1423-26) by Donatello

Habbakuk ('Lo Zuccone') - Donatello - 1423-26

Artwork Information

TitleHabbakuk ('Lo Zuccone')
Dimensions195 cm
Current LocationMuseo dell'Opera del Duomo, Florence

About Habbakuk ('Lo Zuccone')

Donatello’s Habbakuk (‘Lo Zuccone’) sculpture, created between 1423-26, is considered one of the most important pieces of art from the 15th century. Carved from marble, it resides at the Museo dell’Opera del Duomo in Italy. The piece depicts the Biblical prophet Habakkuk and is also known as Zuccone or Pumpkinhead due to the lack of headwear typically depicted on prophets.

This sculpture showcases Donatello’s search for naturalistic rendering with its highly realistic portrayal of a humble prophet. The piece symbolizes Donatello’s versatility and ingenuity as an artist in sculpting numerous materials like stone, bronze, wood, stucco, clay, and wax.

Donatello preferred this sculpture above all others he had done; he spent great care on creating a universal expression for it that surpassed previous attempts at similar depictions. His hard work paid off with a highly realistic portrayal that captures both the physicality and spirituality embodied by Habakkuk as described by scripture.

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