Hairpins by Albert Joseph Moore

Hairpins - Albert Joseph Moore -

Artwork Information

ArtistAlbert Joseph Moore
Dimensions44.1 x 29.2 cm
Art MovementAcademicism
Current LocationPrivate Collection
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About Hairpins

The artwork titled “Hairpins” is a portrait by artist Albert Joseph Moore belonging to the Academicism movement. The piece measures 44.1 x 29.2 cm and is held in a private collection. The genre of the artwork is a portrait, focusing on a single figure within a composed setting.

The painting showcases a woman in a contemplative pose, seated on an ornately patterned surface that might be a bench or a divan. She wears a flowing, classical-style dress with a vibrant yellow tone that drapes gracefully on her figure and the seat. The woman’s posture is relaxed and somewhat reflective, with her hand gently resting on her head in a sort of elegant fatigue or introspection.

Her attire is complemented with accessories, including a flower in her hair, a black necklace with a red pendant, and an intricately patterned fan on the bench beside her, which blends the Eastern and Western aesthetic elements. The backdrop features a wall with a subtle, textured pattern, while in the foreground, there is a vase with bright yellow flowers that adds a lively contrast to the scene. The overall effect is one of genteel sophistication and a serene, domestic moment captured in time.

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