Halved Felt Cross with Dust Image Magda by Joseph Beuys

Halved Felt Cross with Dust Image Magda - Joseph Beuys - 1960 - 1965

Artwork Information

TitleHalved Felt Cross with Dust Image Magda
ArtistJoseph Beuys
Date1960 - 1965
Dimensions108 x 68 cm
Art MovementNeo-Dada
Current LocationMuseum Ludwig, Cologne, Germany
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About Halved Felt Cross with Dust Image Magda

Joseph Beuys, a German-born artist associated with the international Conceptual art and Fluxus movements, created ‘Halved Felt Cross with Dust Image “Magda”‘ in 1965 as part of his diverse body of work. The artwork is a halved felt cross with a dust image of Magda, made in Neo-Dada style during the period of 1960-1965.

The piece is an important contribution to the best visual art database, showcasing Beuys’ ability to transform everyday objects into meaningful and provocative works of art. The combination of Magda’s image with the felt cross creates an enigmatic quality that invites viewers to question its meaning.

Beuys’ auction performance has been tracked over time, indicating that his works are highly valued by collectors and institutions alike. It is worth noting that ‘Halved Felt Cross with Dust Image “Magda”‘ was created within the context of the Research Training Group 1662/1 “Religious Knowledge in Pre-Modern Europe (800-1800),” which adds another layer to its significance as a commentary on religious iconography.

Overall, ‘Halved Felt Cross with Dust Image “Magda”‘ is a thought-provoking piece by Joseph Beuys that showcases his ability to blend different materials and themes into one cohesive artwork. Its inclusion in various art collections speaks to its enduring value as an important contribution to post-war German artistic expression.

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