Harnham Gate, Salisbury (1821) by John Constable

Harnham Gate, Salisbury - John Constable - 1821

Artwork Information

TitleHarnham Gate, Salisbury
ArtistJohn Constable
MediumOil On Canvas
Dimensions21 x 20 1/2 in (53.3 x 52.1 cm)
Current LocationYale Center For British Art, New Haven

About Harnham Gate, Salisbury

John Constable’s oil painting, Harnham Gate, Salisbury, depicts the scenic beauty of rural England in between 1820 and 1821. The painting measures 20 x 20 inches and is located at the Yale Center for British Art in the Paul Mellon Collection in the United States. Constable was renowned for his landscape paintings and was fascinated by atmospheric conditions that he depicted faithfully.

Harnham Gate features rustic architecture against a backdrop of grand landmarks present in Salisbury. It is one of several works by artists who attempted to capture the essence of English rural life during the Romantic era. This painting creates an outstanding portrayal of daily life during this historical period with its beautiful depiction of natural scenery.

Constable traveled mainly throughout East Anglia, Wiltshire, and the Lake District over his career, but painted little else outside these areas. Interestingly enough, Harnham Mill appears in an unfinished watercolor created by another prominent artist from this period – J.M.W Turner.

As one studies Constable’s oil paintings throughout his career depicting nature and rural life there are some common themes repeatedly portrayed; work-mules passing beneath a bridge; boats on a river; trees swaying from wind-borne gusts that sweep across fields and through spans of trees. These same types of landscapes can be seen embodied within Harnham Gate as well – rugged charm expressed without embellishment or adulteration.

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