Head of a Recumbent Man, Supporting Himself (1886-88) by Gustav Klimt

Head of a Recumbent Man, Supporting Himself - Gustav Klimt - 1886-88

Artwork Information

TitleHead of a Recumbent Man, Supporting Himself
ArtistGustav Klimt
MediumBlack chalk, highlighted in white
Dimensions28 x 43 cm
Current LocationAlbertina, Vienna

About Head of a Recumbent Man, Supporting Himself

Gustav Klimt, an Austrian symbolist painter and a leading figure in the Vienna Secession movement, produced a wide array of artworks during his lifetime. Notably, his Golden Phase was characterized by pronounced planes and delicate detailing made of gold leaf. One such piece is Head of a Recumbent Man, Supporting Himself – painted by Klimt between 1886 and 1888.

This painting is a 100% hand-painted oil reproduction on canvas created by one of our highly skilled artists to match the original artwork. It holds immense significance as it portrays Klimt’s signature style with its ornamental detailing like arabesques which add depth to the visual aesthetic of this work.

One can observe that the subject matter is not very clear in this portrait as he has veered away from traditional perceptual rules. The painting features an unidentified recumbent man resting on a pillow while supporting himself with one arm upraised above his head. However, Klimt’s use of color and form imbues the painting with expression making it more interpretative than observational.

Head Of A Recumbent Man, Supporting Himself is just one example among many of Klimt’s experimental works that heavily influenced modern art movements such as Expressionism and Surrealism before it even became recognizable as those styles.

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