Head of an old man in profile (1505) by Albrecht Durer

Head of an old man in profile - Albrecht Durer - 1505

Artwork Information

TitleHead of an old man in profile
ArtistAlbrecht Durer
Art MovementNorthern Renaissance

About Head of an old man in profile

“Head of an old man in profile” is an artwork by Albrecht Dürer, a prominent figure in the Northern Renaissance art movement. Created in 1505, this piece is a portrait that exemplifies the detailed and intricate style characteristic of Dürer’s work and the period.

The artwork depicts the profile of an elderly man’s head. His face is illustrated with meticulous lines that capture the folds of his skin and the individual hairs of his eyebrow. The man’s nose is prominent, and the expression on his face appears contemplative or perhaps solemn. He wears a headdress that comes down over his forehead, lightly shading his eyes, and a garment around his neck and shoulders. The detailed shading and contours provide a strong sense of texture and depth, highlighting Dürer’s masterful skill with line work.

The bottom left corner of the artwork includes a signature or inscription, possibly identifying the piece as a work by Albrecht Dürer. The monochrome nature of the piece, combined with the artist’s dedication to capturing the minute details of the subject’s aged features, contributes to the artwork’s overall gravity and introspective quality.

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