Head of Dr. Fritsch (1917; Vienna, Austria) by Egon Schiele

Head of Dr. Fritsch - Egon Schiele - 1917; Vienna, Austria

Artwork Information

TitleHead of Dr. Fritsch
ArtistEgon Schiele
Date1917; Vienna, Austria
Art MovementExpressionism
Current LocationPrivate Collection

About Head of Dr. Fritsch

The artwork “Head of Dr. Fritsch” is a creation of Egon Schiele, an Austrian expressionist painter, completed in 1917 in Vienna, Austria. This portrait is composed using watercolor on paper and is currently held in a private collection. As an artwork belonging to the Expressionism movement, it likely reflects the artist’s emotional experience rather than a literal representation of the subject.

In this portrait, Egon Schiele presents the head of Dr. Fritsch with his signature expressive and somewhat distortionary approach. The features of the subject are rendered with confident, gestural lines and a restrained yet impactful color palette featuring flesh tones accented with reds and purples. The subject’s gaze appears contemplative and direct, engaging viewers with its intensity. The overall composition focuses on the head, which is centrally placed on the paper, surrounded by ample negative space that draws further attention to the facial expression. Schiele‚Äôs use of watercolor layers creates a dimensional and textured effect on the facial features, including the wrinkles and contours of the face.

Notably, there is a signed inscription at the bottom left of the paper and a stamp or seal on the bottom right, which might be connected to Schiele’s practice or the provenance of the artwork. The piece is emblematic of Schiele’s ability to capture psychological depth and is reflective of the broader existential and introspective themes explored by expressionist artists during that period.

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