Head of Gazelle by Gustave Courbet

Head of Gazelle - Gustave Courbet -

Artwork Information

TitleHead of Gazelle
ArtistGustave Courbet
Dimensions38 x 46 cm
Art MovementRealism
Current LocationMusée Picasso, Paris, France

About Head of Gazelle

The artwork titled “Head of Gazelle” is the creation of artist Gustave Courbet, belonging to the Realism movement. With dimensions of 38 x 46 cm, this animal painting exemplifies Courbet’s realism style, focusing on accurate depiction without idealization. The genre of the piece denotes a realistic representation of animal life, characteristic of the movement’s focus on everyday subject matter. Currently, the artwork is housed at the Musée Picasso in Paris, France.

In the artwork, we observe a detailed and vivid representation of a gazelle’s head. Courbet’s brushwork captures the texture and nuances of the animal’s fur with a lifelike quality, emphasizing the play of light and shadow which gives depth and volume to the creature’s form. The gazelle’s eyes are rendered with a softness that evokes a sense of life and presence, contrasting with the sharp, defined horns that arc elegantly above its head. The background, though subdued to draw attention to the gazelle, suggests a mountainous terrain, perhaps reflecting the animal’s natural habitat. The sky, rendered in soft hues of blue, provides a serene backdrop that complements the gaze of the gazelle, which seems to be looking out towards the distance beyond the canvas’s frame. Courbet’s skillful use of paint conveys not just the physical attributes of the animal but an essence of the wild spirit inherent in such a creature.

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