Head of King Djedefre – Egyptian Art

Head of King Djedefre - Egyptian Art -

Artwork Information

TitleHead of King Djedefre
ArtistEgyptian Art
Dimensions26.5 cm
Current LocationMusée du Louvre, Paris

About Head of King Djedefre

The Head of King Djedefre is a quartzite sculpture from ancient Egypt’s Old Kingdom period around 2565-2558 BC. It is believed that Djedefre, the son of Khufu and his immediate throne successor, introduced the royal title Sa-Rê and was the first to incorporate his cartouche name with the sun god Ra. This artwork is one of his few surviving depictions.

The sculpture was discovered at Abu Roash, where Djedefre had built his pyramid. Interestingly, the pyramid had an inner chamber that was constructed within a pit and on a ramp. The sculpture shows a man with a strong, angular face and high cheekbones. The overall appearance is stern and serious, with a focus on the finely crafted details of the king’s facial features, such as his full lips and broad nose. The Head of King Djedefre is a remarkable example of ancient Egyptian sculpture and provides insight into the style and artistry of the time.

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