Her Story (1984) by Elizabeth Murray

Her Story - Elizabeth Murray - 1984

Artwork Information

TitleHer Story
ArtistElizabeth Murray
MediumOil on 3 Canvasses
Dimensions105 x 132 in.
Current LocationCollection Robert and Loretta Lifton

About Her Story

Elizabeth Murray was a postmodern abstract artist who made significant advancements in Imagist painting. Over five decades, she produced fun and cartoonish yet serious works committed to expanding the dimensions of painting through multiple canvases. Her work often explored feminist themes and employed shapes that suggested the female form.

Murray’s large-scale, oddly shaped canvases blended abstraction with everyday objects in bold colors. This approach allowed her to expand spatial boundaries beyond traditional rectangular canvases and explore new possibilities for visual composition with each piece. Her commitment to the medium of painting, as evident in her works across different series, continues to inspire contemporary artists.

In 1984, Murray had already established herself as an artist at the forefront of American painting. She continued creating striking pieces throughout her career until her passing in 2007 at the age of 66. Murray’s work has since been widely recognized and exhibited in prestigious galleries such as The Museum of Modern Art and venues abroad like London’s Royal Academy of Art.

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