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Artwork Information

TitleHercules From Aula Regia of the Domus Flavia
ArtistRoman Art
Date1st century AD
MediumColored marble
Dimensions373 cm x 115 cm x 86 cm
Current LocationGalleria Nazionale, Parma
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About Hercules From Aula Regia of the Domus Flavia

This sculpture of Hercules is from the 1st century AD and was originally located in the Aula Regia of the Domus Flavia, which was a part of the imperial palace complex in Rome. Today, the sculpture is housed in the Galleria Nazionale in Parma.  It’s referred to in Italian as the “Scultura colossale raffigurante Eracle”.

The sculpture of Hercules portrays the legendary hero and demigod of Roman mythology, known for his incredible strength and numerous heroic feats. Hercules was widely venerated in ancient Rome and was considered a symbol of power, courage, and masculinity.

The sculpture is crafted from colored marble, indicating the attention to detail and skill of the Roman sculptors. The use of colored marble was a common practice in Roman art to enhance the realism and visual impact of the sculptures.

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