High Society (Diptychon) (2018) by Marita Tobner

High Society (Diptychon) - Marita Tobner - 2018

Artwork Information

TitleHigh Society (Diptychon)
ArtistMarita Tobner
MediumAcrylic, Oil on Canvas

About High Society (Diptychon)

The artwork entitled “High Society (Diptychon)” was created by Marita Tobner in the year 2018. This work is a diptych executed in a combination of acrylic and oil on canvas, each panel measuring 47.2 inches square. As a portrait, the piece falls within the genre of semi-abstract art, a movement that engages with abstraction while retaining some reference to the real world.

The artwork consists of two panels that together form a diptych. The left panel displays a large, vibrant bouquet of flowers, predominantly in shades of red and pink, against a background rich with textures and patterns. The floral subject dominates the visual field with an emphasis on the organic form and gestural brushstrokes that convey a sense of movement and vitality. In contrast, the background incorporates geometric shapes and text-like elements, introducing a layer of complexity and suggesting a juxtaposition between the natural and the constructed.

Moving to the right panel, the composition features a repetition of the central floral motif, but with the significant addition of two human-like figures placed behind it. These figures appear to be rendered in white with their hands covering an area that would suggest a concealed or perhaps a non-existent facial region, further contributing to the semi-abstract nature of the work. The stark white of the figures contrasts with the bold colors of the flowers and the textured background, creating a visual tension between the elements of the composition.

The overlapping of patterns and forms across the two panels of the diptych creates a sense of continuity, while the divergence in content from pure floral representation to the inclusion of human figures invites reflection on the relationship between humanity and nature, or possibly the social aspect implied by the title “High Society.” The artist’s use of rich textures, a limited but vibrant color palette, and the interplay between the distinctive components of the artwork result in a compelling visual narrative that encourages the viewer to explore themes of identity, concealment, and the intersection of the natural and artificial worlds.

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