Highwaymen Attacking a Coach (1786 – 1787) by Francisco Goya

Highwaymen Attacking a Coach - Francisco Goya - 1786 - 1787

Artwork Information

TitleHighwaymen Attacking a Coach
ArtistFrancisco Goya
Date1786 - 1787
Dimensions169 x 127 cm
Art MovementRomanticism
Current LocationPrivate Collection

About Highwaymen Attacking a Coach

The artwork “Highwaymen Attacking a Coach” was created by the esteemed artist Francisco Goya between 1786 and 1787. It is an oil painting on canvas that falls within the Romanticism art movement. The dimensions of this genre painting are 169 cm by 127 cm. The work is currently held in a private collection.

In the artwork, an intense and chaotic scene unfolds within a sylvan landscape. The central action depicted is a violent encounter, where a group of highwaymen assault the passengers of a coach that has come to an abrupt halt. Centered within the composition is the coach itself, tipped to one side, suggesting a sudden and forceful stop. Around it, various figures are entangled in a struggle; some lie on the ground, presumably wounded or deceased, their forms adding to the tumultuous nature of the event.

To the left, a dominate figure stands on top of the coach, brandishing a weapon and appearing to command the scene, whilst accomplices are engaged in acts of theft and aggression. The clothing of the individuals provides a contrast between the robbers and their victims. The use of light and shadow in the artwork emphasizes the intensity of the moment and the emotional drama typical of Romantic art. The surrounding forest engulfs the scene, enhancing the feeling of isolation and danger that the travelers are now subjected to. Overall, Goya captures a moment that is fraught with action, danger, and the raw emotions of its subjects, encapsulating the spirit of the Romantic movement.

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