Holunderblüte (2006) by Susanne Wind

Holunderblüte - Susanne Wind - 2006

Artwork Information

ArtistSusanne Wind
MediumOil, Tempera on Canvas

About Holunderblüte

The artwork entitled “Holunderblüte” is a creation by Susanne Wind, completed in the year 2006. Rendered in oil and tempera on canvas, this piece measures 28.7 by 36.2 inches. It is categorized within the landscape genre and adheres to the realism art movement, presenting a naturalistic depiction of the subject.

“Holunderblüte” features a rich, verdant landscape primarily dominated by a blossoming elderflower bush. The artist has harnessed the medium of oil and tempera to craft a tapestry of textures and shades that invoke the plush quality of foliage and the delicate nature of the flowers. The color palette is a symphony of soft earth tones ranging from the warm ochre of the grasses in the foreground to the cool azure of the sky in the background, evoking a serene, summery atmosphere. The composition, while simple, draws the viewer’s eye upwards along the bush, which is rendered with fine brushstrokes that suggest the lightness and movement of the blossoms in the breeze.

The realism of the artwork is captured through the meticulous detail with which the artist has portrayed the individual petals and leaves, as well as the interplay of light and shadow. This attention to detail and commitment to representing the scene with fidelity to its natural appearance is emblematic of the realism movement’s approach to art. Overall, “Holunderblüte” is a contemplative piece, encouraging the viewer to reflect on the beauty of the natural world through its tranquil and lifelike portrayal of a moment in nature.

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