Horse, Pipe, and Red Flower (Cavall, pipa i flor vermella) (1920) by Joan Miro

Horse, Pipe, and Red Flower (Cavall, pipa i flor vermella) - Joan Miro - 1920

Artwork Information

TitleHorse, Pipe, and Red Flower (Cavall, pipa i flor vermella)
ArtistJoan Miro
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions82.5 x 75 cm
Current LocationPhiladelphia Museum of Art
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About Horse, Pipe, and Red Flower (Cavall, pipa i flor vermella)

The painting, Horse, Pipe, And Red Flower (Cavall, Pipa I Flor Vermella) by Joan Miro was created in 1920 after his first visit to Paris. It is housed in the Philadelphia Museum of Art and features a detailed composition with animals, flowers, and pipes. Adopting a Cubist collage technique inspired by Pablo Picasso, Miro reflects the tension between modernism and his own style.

The artwork also showcases influences from Cubism and primitive cave paintings as well as Miro’s own personal style and Catalan region history. The combination of these influences results in a highly detailed piece that plays with perspective and depth in form. Throughout the artwork, there are bold lines and shapes that can be observed.

Horse, Pipe, And Red Flower serves as an essential work in the art world due to its artistic merit regarding originality for its time. It is regarded as one of Miro’s earliest surrealist works that highlight his approach to still-life paintings influenced by avant-garde aesthetics. The piece provides insight into the evolution of modern art regarding techniques used at this period while showcasing Miro’s unique innovative vision.

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