Hotel Room (1931) by Edward Hopper

Hotel Room - Edward Hopper - 1931

Artwork Information

TitleHotel Room
ArtistEdward Hopper
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions60 x 65 inches
Art MovementSocial Realism

About Hotel Room

The artwork titled “Hotel Room” is an oil on canvas created by the artist Edward Hopper in 1931. With dimensions measuring 60 x 65 inches, it reflects the Social Realism art movement, exemplifying a genre painting which captures an everyday scene or incident.

The artwork depicts a solitary female figure seated on the edge of a bed in a hotel room. The room is modestly furnished, with an emphasis on geometric simplicity and an interplay of light and shadow creating a sense of depth. The woman appears contemplative and absorbed in thought, with her attention directed towards a piece of paper she holds in her hands. This could suggest the reading of a letter, deep reflection, or planning, which, in combination with her solitude, evokes a mood of introspection or melancholy. The use of color is restrained, and the bright light coming in through the window contrasts with the darker tones of the furniture, contributing to a distinct emotional resonance that is characteristic of Hopper’s contemplative scenes. This scene invites viewers to construct their own narratives around the subject and her circumstances, engaging with themes of loneliness, travel, and the transitory nature of human experiences.

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