Hotel Room, Oxford (2004) by Aaron Shikler

Hotel Room, Oxford - Aaron Shikler - 2004

Artwork Information

TitleHotel Room, Oxford
ArtistAaron Shikler
Art MovementNew Realism

About Hotel Room, Oxford

The artwork titled “Hotel Room, Oxford,” was created by artist Aaron Shikler in 2004 using pastel as the medium. It is associated with the New Realism art movement and can be classified within the genre painting category. The piece captures a scene of everyday life with a focus on detailed representation and emotional subtlety, characteristic of the genre.

The artwork depicts an intimate interior—presumably a hotel room in Oxford, as the title suggests. A solitary figure, likely a woman, is comfortably ensconced in a bed with plush, pink covers that warmly envelop her form. She is engaged in reading a newspaper, which she holds with both hands, visibly absorbed in the material. The scene is one of quiet leisure and relaxation.

The surroundings are rendered with a sense of softness and warmth, likely conveyed by the gentle strokes and muted tones of the pastels. To the left, a hint of a garment draped over a furniture piece suggests the temporary nature of the setting, characteristic of a hotel stay. The overall impression is one of a private, serene moment, rendered with a gentle touch that invites the viewer to ponder the quietude of such an everyday scene. The artist’s choice of colors and attention to textural details contribute to the atmosphere and depth of this genre painting.

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