House by a Road (1940) by Edward Hopper

House by a Road - Edward Hopper - 1940

Artwork Information

TitleHouse by a Road
ArtistEdward Hopper
Art MovementNew Realism,American Realism
Current LocationArizona State University, Phoenix, AZ, US

About House by a Road

The artwork “House by a Road” by Edward Hopper, crafted in 1940, stands as an archetypal piece within the New Realism and American Realism art movements. Classified as a landscape, this notable artwork is currently housed at Arizona State University in Phoenix, Arizona, United States. It exemplifies Hopper’s distinct and laconic style of capturing the soul of American architecture and landscapes.

The artwork embodies a serene and seemingly solitary atmosphere, a hallmark of Hopper’s oeuvre. It features a two-story house with a prominent roof and chimney, positioned adjacent to a road. The architecture of the house is characteristic of a vernacular style, with a symmetrical facade and double-hung sash windows that impart a quiet domesticity.

The color palette appears subdued, with the house rendered in shades of white and gray, perhaps denoting the wear of time. A gentle play of light and shadow enhances the textural qualities of the clapboard siding and shingled roof. The surrounding is presented with a lush touch—the golden and amber hues of the grass whisper of late summer or early fall, while the verdant trees in the background evoke a sense of enclosure. This interplay of warm and cool tones infuses the scene with a tranquil, yet pensive mood, inviting contemplation from the viewer.

The sky, painted with broad, soft brushstrokes of yellow and pale blue, imparts a time of day that might be late afternoon. It suggests a setting that is both timeless and ephemeral, a fleeting moment captured in Hopper’s precise and contemplative brushwork. The open expanse of the sky contrasts with the solidity of the house below, lending a sense of openness and vulnerability.

In summation, “House by a Road” by Edward Hopper is a contemplative landscape painting which encapsulates the essence of American Realism, reflecting themes of solitude and the beauty in the mundane, as it is preserved within the cultural repository of Arizona State University.

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