Houses of Parliament at Sunset (1903) by Claude Monet

Houses of Parliament at Sunset - Claude Monet - 1903

Artwork Information

TitleHouses of Parliament at Sunset
ArtistClaude Monet
Art MovementImpressionism

About Houses of Parliament at Sunset

The artwork entitled “Houses of Parliament at Sunset” was created by the renowned Impressionist artist Claude Monet in the year 1903. It is part of a cityscape series that captures the Houses of Parliament in London. This series showcases Monet’s fascination with the play of light and reflection, which is typical of the Impressionist movement. The particular piece reflects the transient effects of sunlight and atmosphere at the close of day on the iconic buildings and the surrounding water.

The artwork conveys the ephemeral quality of light at sunset, a hallmark of Monet’s impressionistic style. The setting features an array of warm and cool tones that suggest the glow of the sky as the sun dips low on the horizon. This interplay of light creates a sense of depth and atmosphere, rendering the architecture with a soft, almost ethereal appearance. The Houses of Parliament themselves are depicted with vertical brushstrokes that emphasize their height and form, rising above the water which shimmers with reflections of the vibrant sunset. Stout brushwork and the blending of colors on the canvas contribute to the hazy, dreamlike vision that Monet seeks to portray. Through his use of color, brushwork, and composition, Monet captures the transitory nature of the scene, presenting a moment in time that is both fleeting and hauntingly beautiful.

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