Houses on the Town Square in Klosterneuberg (1908; Vienna, Austria) by Egon Schiele

Houses on the Town Square in Klosterneuberg - Egon Schiele - 1908; Vienna, Austria

Artwork Information

TitleHouses on the Town Square in Klosterneuberg
ArtistEgon Schiele
Date1908; Vienna, Austria
Dimensions19.4 x 21.9 cm
Art MovementImpressionism
Current LocationPrivate Collection

About Houses on the Town Square in Klosterneuberg

The artwork “Houses on the Town Square in Klosterneuberg” by Egon Schiele was created in 1908 in Vienna, Austria. This oil on canvas painting reflects the Impressionist art movement and measures 19.4 x 21.9 cm. It is a cityscape that is part of a private collection.

In the painting, we see a representation of a town square with houses depicted in an expressive and vibrant manner, characteristic of Schiele’s style, which is often marked by vivid colors and dynamic brushwork. The buildings are rendered with a mix of oranges, yellows, and hints of greens, showcasing the play of light and shadow commonly explored within the Impressionist movement.

The sky above the town is painted with broad strokes of blue and white, indicating a dynamic and perhaps tumultuous sky. The architectural details are not meticulously defined, which is typical of Impressionist artwork, where the focus is more on the effect of light and the overall impression rather than on precise details. The painting conveys a sense of place and time while capturing the atmosphere and essence of the town square.

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