HUGINN (2021) by Françoise Augustine

HUGINN - Françoise Augustine - 2021

Artwork Information

ArtistFrançoise Augustine
MediumAcrylic, Lacquer on Canvas


The artwork titled “HUGINN” is a creation of Françoise Augustine from the year 2021. It is an acrylic and lacquer painting on canvas, measuring 25.6 by 19.7 inches. This piece is categorized within the animals genre and adopts an abstract style in its execution.

Upon observation, the artwork presents a compelling composition with a predominant avian subject. The bird, presumed to be Huginn, which in Norse mythology is one of Odin’s ravens, is depicted with a strikingly vivid blue plumage that contrasts dramatically against the fiery, orange-red background that engulfs the canvas. The abstract nature of the painting is apparent in the dynamic brushstrokes and textural contrasts, lending an almost impressionistic fervor to the warm backdrop, which seems to be in a state of flux.

The intense background hues swirl around the canvas, creating a sensation of movement and energy that envelops the bird, which remains the central, stabilizing element of the piece. The bird’s gaze is contemplative, directed outward, seemingly observing or pondering. The abstract treatment does not strive for a realistic portrayal but instead seems to aim at capturing the essence or spirit of Huginn, perhaps alluding to the mythological role of the raven as a messenger or bearer of thought.

The surface quality, provided by the use of lacquer, adds a reflective characteristic to portions of the artwork, suggesting a play of light that enhances the overall sense of depth and vibrancy. This use of medium supports the abstract nature of the work, where the interplay between form, color, and texture takes precedence over representational accuracy.

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