Ice Floes on the Seine at Bougival (1867 – 1868) by Claude Monet

Ice Floes on the Seine at Bougival - Claude Monet - 1867 - 1868

Artwork Information

TitleIce Floes on the Seine at Bougival
ArtistClaude Monet
Date1867 - 1868
Art MovementImpressionism

About Ice Floes on the Seine at Bougival

The artwork titled “Ice Floes on the Seine at Bougival” is a creation of noted artist Claude Monet, dating from 1867 to 1868. It represents the landscape genre and is indicative of the Impressionist movement, typified by its focus on capturing light and atmospheric effects. This period in art history was pivotal, as it marked a departure from the traditional approaches of the time, emphasizing the artist’s perceptual experience.

In the artwork, one observes a winter scene portraying the Seine River as it passes through Bougival, a commune in the suburbs of Paris. Monet captures a gray, overcast sky that dominates the upper portion of the canvas, reflecting a blanketing sense of cold that is texturally different from the rest of the scene. Below this expansive sky, the river is depicted with patches of ice, suggesting a freezing temperature and a slow-moving current. These floating ice floes are rendered with a mixture of whites and grays, their edges softened, which contributes to the overall impression of a frigid and calm winter atmosphere.

The banks of the Seine are coated with snow, which Monet has depicted with deft impressionistic brushstrokes, creating a sense of texture that one can almost feel. Dark tree lines on the left side of the artwork provide a contrast to the otherwise muted tones of the landscape. On the right bank, figures can be discerned, small in scale, which imbues the scene with a sense of human presence without making them the central focus. These figures, alongside boats moored at the water’s edge, add a narrative element to the scene, inviting the viewer to ponder the daily life and activities that persist even in the cold of winter.

Monet’s treatment of light and shadow in the artwork is subtle yet striking, as it is these nuances that convey the chill of the season and the mood of the environment. Overall, “Ice Floes on the Seine at Bougival” is an exemplary work of Impressionism, capturing not just a visual representation of a place, but the essence and sensation of a fleeting moment in nature.

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