Ici (1992) by Joan Mitchell

Ici - Joan Mitchell - 1992

Artwork Information

ArtistJoan Mitchell
MediumOil On Canvas; Diptych
Current LocationSaint Louis Art Museum, Missouri

About Ici

Ici is a landscape painting created by the renowned Abstract Expressionist painter Joan Mitchell in 1992. This abstract piece conveys an undefined landscape through the use of gestural abstraction and luminous layers of color. The title, which means “here” in French, leaves the exact location of the landscape open to interpretation.

Joan Mitchell was a leading figure in the New York School of artists during the 1950s. Her visual vocabulary was rooted in gestural abstraction, and her works often drew inspiration from nature. “Ici” reflects this approach with its emphasis on bold brushstrokes and vibrant colors.

Despite its lack of concrete representation, “Ici” still manages to convey a sense of place and atmosphere through its masterful use of color and brushwork. Its ethereal quality invites viewers to enter into this imagined world and experience it for themselves.

In March 2023, art lovers will have a chance to explore Joan Mitchell’s engagement with French landscapes at an exhibition hosted by the Saint Louis Art Museum. Through works like “Ici,” viewers will see how she was able to capture complex emotions and moods using only paintbrushes and vivid colors.

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