Il Guerriero (The Warrior) (1949) by Lucio Fontana

Il Guerriero (The Warrior) - Lucio Fontana - 1949

Artwork Information

TitleIl Guerriero (The Warrior)
ArtistLucio Fontana
Dimensions108 × 52 × 45.1 cm
Current LocationCollection of Karsten Greve

About Il Guerriero (The Warrior)

Il Guerriero (The Warrior) is a ceramic sculpture with gold paint that was created by Lucio Fontana in 1949.  It has the dimensions of 108 × 52 × 45.1 cm and currently is part of the Collection of Karsten Greve.

This sculpture represents a warrior figure, which showcases Fontana’s skill in modeling and his innovative approach to form and space. Unlike the traditional, idealized representation of warriors in classical sculpture, Fontana’s warrior might not adhere strictly to the anatomical precision or heroic poise typical of earlier periods. Instead, it likely reflects Fontana’s interest in expressing dynamic movement and the interaction of the figure with the surrounding space.

Fontana’s work in the late 1940s, including “Il Guerriero,” demonstrates his evolving perspective on sculpture and space. He was beginning to explore the concept of the “Spatial Environment” — environments enhanced by neon lighting and later, the “Spatial Concepts” with slashes and punctures, aiming to create a new art form that integrated both time and space. This exploration marked a significant departure from traditional sculpture, focusing instead on how the artwork could extend into and interact with its environment.

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