Incantation (1935) by Alberto Magnelli

Incantation - Alberto Magnelli - 1935

Artwork Information

ArtistAlberto Magnelli
Art MovementAbstract Art,Cubism

About Incantation

The artwork entitled “Incantation” was created by Alberto Magnelli in the year 1935. Magnelli, an artist renowned for his contributions to Abstract Art and Cubism, crafted this piece as a representation of the abstract genre. This notable creation is a testament to the stylistic innovations of the era and showcases the artist’s dedication to the movements he was associated with.

In “Incantation”, viewers observe a composition of geometric and organic shapes intricately assembled against a backdrop of varying planes of colors. The palette is a mix of both muted and vibrant hues, ranging from deep blacks and grays to striking reds, blues, and a burst of yellow-green at the center. The juxtaposition of the shapes and the layering of the colors create a sense of depth and complexity.

Central to the artwork is a figure-like form, which draws the eye with its pronounced contours and a sort of inner luminosity. This central form is flanked by sharp and curved elements that seem to suggest movement or a convergence of energy, resonating with the title “Incantation,” as if to imply a magical or transformative process at work within the art.

The abstract nature of the piece means that it eludes a definitive narrative interpretation, instead inviting the viewer to engage with the work on a more intuitive and emotional level—encountering shapes and colors that may evoke individual reactions and insights. The bold delineations and the use of stark contrast between the various elements suggest a dynamism inherent in the stillness of the piece, a characteristic feature of Magnelli’s abstract and Cubist influences.

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