Infante Don Sebastián Gabriel de Borbón y Braganza (1822) by Francisco Goya

Infante Don Sebastián Gabriel de Borbón y Braganza - Francisco Goya - 1822

Artwork Information

TitleInfante Don Sebastián Gabriel de Borbón y Braganza
ArtistFrancisco Goya
Dimensions144 x 105 cm
Art MovementRomanticism
Current LocationPrivate Collection

About Infante Don Sebastián Gabriel de Borbón y Braganza

The artwork titled “Infante Don Sebastián Gabriel de Borbón y Braganza” is an oil on canvas portrait done by the distinguished Spanish artist Francisco Goya in 1822. Exemplifying the Romanticism art movement, the piece measures 144 by 105 centimeters and is currently housed in a private collection. The genre of this art piece is portraiture, as it presents a life-like depiction of the young Infante.

The artwork captures the Infante standing confidently against a backdrop that is subdued and seemingly pastoral in nature. His attire is of remarkable detail and military in style, featuring rich reds, deep blacks, and contrasting whites which are indicative of a uniform likely to denote high status or ceremonial significance. The sash across his torso, embellished with a pattern, adds to the ornamental nature of his dress.

The young subject conveys a mix of youthful innocence and a dignified posture, with his hand outstretched as though he is either gesturing or about to receive something. This commanding pose, along with his direct gaze, suggests an awareness of his rank and the expectations placed upon him.

In his other hand, he holds a bicorne hat adorned with a shiny emblem, which reflects the light and implies a significant level of wealth. His face, albeit soft with the roundness of childhood, carries a solemn expression—an indication of the serious role he may already be expected to play in his society. The overall composition allows for a focus on the Infante while also providing enough context to understand the setting and status of the young noble.

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