inner strength and optimism (2021) by Michelle Kranz

inner strength and optimism - Michelle Kranz - 2021

Artwork Information

Titleinner strength and optimism
ArtistMichelle Kranz
MediumAcrylic, India Ink on Wood

About inner strength and optimism

The artwork under discussion is an abstract piece titled “Inner Strength and Optimism,” created by artist Michelle Kranz in the year 2021. The medium used for this piece is acrylic and India ink on wood, spanning dimensions of 27.6×19.7 inches. It resides within the genre of abstract art and is associated with the abstract movement.

The artwork is characterized by a dynamic array of overlapping and juxtaposed circles, varying in sizes and colors. The vibrant colors range from bright yellows, reds, and oranges to cooler blues and greens, with hints of white adding contrast. The bold outlines of the circles create a sense of structure within the fluidity of the forms. One observes that the background is divided into different colored segments, setting a lively stage for the primary elements. The application of India ink appears to delineate the circles, providing both definition and a graphical quality to the composition. The interplay of color and form exudes a sense of buoyancy and vitality, perhaps embodying the concepts of inner strength and optimism as indicated by the title. Overall, the artwork invites contemplation, encouraging the viewer to perceive a personal interpretation of the emotive combination of colors and shapes.

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