Inside, Outside (1980) by Francesco Clemente

Inside, Outside - Clemente, Francesco - 1980 - 2

Artwork Information

TitleInside, Outside
ArtistFrancesco Clemente
MediumGouache on nine sheets of handmade Pondicherry paper, joined by cotton strips
Dimensions67 3/4 x 92 1/2 in (172.1 x 235 cm)
Art MovementTransavantgarde
Current LocationPaul Maenz, Cologne
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About Inside, Outside

Francesco Clemente, an Italian artist who incorporated Indian influences into his work in the early 1980s, is known for his unique style that combines themes of violence, sexuality, and distortions. One of his notable works is “Inside, Outside,” created in 1980 in the Transavantgarde style. The piece explores the contrast between the internal and external self by depicting a human figure split down the middle.

Clemente’s work has been widely shown across various mediums including oil painting, installation, and watercolor. He is considered a key figure in the Italian Transavanguardia movement of the 1980s which rejected formalism and conceptual art to focus on figurative art and Symbolism. His works often explore spirituality as well as cultural identity.

In “Inside, Outside,” Clemente uses bold colors and expressive brushstrokes to convey contrasting emotions within the same person. By splitting their body in half with one side facing outwards while the other turns towards themselves, he creates a sense of introspection and duality. Overall, this artwork serves as an excellent representation of Clemente’s unique style that blends traditional forms with contemporary themes while evoking a sense of contemplation from its viewer.

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