Interior at Petworth (c. 1837) by Joseph Mallord William Turner

Interior at Petworth - Joseph Mallord William Turner - c. 1837

Artwork Information

TitleInterior at Petworth
ArtistJoseph Mallord William Turner
Datec. 1837
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions91 x 122 cm
Current LocationTate Gallery, London

About Interior at Petworth

Joseph Mallord William Turner’s Interior At Petworth, c. 1837, is a stunning oil on canvas painting located in London at the Tate Modern. The painting depicts a view of the interior at the Petworth House with the fading light of day breaking through stained glass windows. This Romanticism style artwork was created by Turner with broad brushstrokes and bright colors, giving a marvelous feel to the scene depicted.

The materials used include oil on canvas, displaying an intriguing backdrop of muted blues and vibrant yellows that illuminate from within the painted hall. Each element in the painting, from the colored glass to light reflecting off furniture and walls, gives depth and texture to this artwork that is truly captivating. The composition invokes a sense of calm & tranquillity yet shows Turner’s true spirit for painting exquisite architecture.

Interior At Petworth is an outstanding portrait of true Romanticism art work allowing viewers to escape into a world of then riches and beauty. Additionally, it brings attention to Joseph Mallord William Turner’s other artwork such as Dido Building Carthage; Or The Rise Of The Carthaginian Empire which was one his works in 1815 following his creative period of romanticism in 1837 with Interior At Petworth; allowing us to view him as an important artist and influential figure within art history.

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