Interior Of A Wood (c. 1850) by Asher Durand

Interior Of A Wood - Asher Durand - c. 1850

Artwork Information

TitleInterior Of A Wood
ArtistAsher Durand
Datec. 1850
MediumOil On Canvas
Dimensions17 x 24 in (43.2 x 61 cm)
Current LocationAddison Gallery Of American Art, Andover, Massachusetts

About Interior Of A Wood

Asher Brown Durand’s ‘Study of a Wood Interior’ painting is a spectacular depiction of the serenity present in deep woods. He painted this oil on canvas artwork in 1850, and it showcases the living and dead trees that rise from the forest floor, casting shadows all around.

Durand was a prominent member of the Hudson River School of painters that contributed significantly to American landscape paintings. This painting was the first example of early Hudson River School to enter the collection of Addison Gallery of American Art. Durand’s artwork highlights his unique aesthetic philosophy that differed from his mentor, Thomas Cole which led to some tension & estrangement between them.

Despite its simplicity, ‘Study of a Wood Interior’ reflects much insight into Naturalism, emphasizing sobriety and simplicity emphasizing how beautiful nature can be, even when appearing stark or stripped.

This painting’s minimalistic style allows for one to focus solely on nature and what it represents without being distracted by external factors or any added elements. The incredible detailing creates a sense of realness, giving life to plants and trees depicted in the image. Durand’s piece is not just an artful representation but also serves as an ideal reminder that sometimes even without human influence- absolute beauty exists impeccably within natural surroundings.

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