Interior With Figures (1977-84) by Howard Hodgkin

Interior With Figures - Howard Hodgkin - 1977-84

Artwork Information

TitleInterior With Figures
ArtistHoward Hodgkin
MediumOil On Wood
Dimensions54 x 60 in. (137.2 x 152.5 cm)
Current LocationCollection The Artist

About Interior With Figures

Howard Hodgkin’s Interior with Figures is an oil on wood painting created between 1977 and 1984. The painting incorporates a painted frame into the picture-space, which is a noteworthy feature of Hodgkin’s work. The painting has been exhibited at various galleries and museums throughout the years, including the National Portrait Gallery in London and the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Hodgkin’s use of color and brushstroke are what sets him apart from other contemporary artists. In this particular piece, he uses bold colors to accentuate his subjects giving them depth and dimensionality. The unnamed figures are loosely rendered with exaggerated shapes that stand out from their surroundings.

Interior with Figures is considered rare but important in Hodgkin’s oeuvre because it showcases his unique style that seamlessly fuses representation and abstraction. It also reflects his interest in private themes as he often used art to explore sensuality as well as the human condition.

Hodgkins’ works often elicit strong emotions from viewers who can see themselves mirrored in his pieces. Interior with Figures is no different, drawing you into its warm colors and empathetic imagery gives us insight into how we’re feeling both inside and outside our minds’ space-time continuum.

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