Iris (Alizes) (2004) by Aaron Shikler

Iris (Alizes) - Aaron Shikler - 2004

Artwork Information

TitleIris (Alizes)
ArtistAaron Shikler
Art MovementNew Realism
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About Iris (Alizes)

Aaron Abraham Shikler was a renowned American artist known for his portraits of famous figures in politics, entertainment, and finance. In addition to these figurative works, he also branched out into New Realism style paintings, creating pieces such as “Iris (Alizes)” in 2004.

“Iris (Alizes)” is a stunning example of the New Realism movement, which sought to depict natural objects and scenes in hyper-realistic detail. The painting features a close-up view of purple and yellow irises on a stark white background. The use of vivid colors adds a sense of vibrancy and life to the work.

Shikler’s education at the Barnes Foundation in Pennsylvania as well as his Bachelors and Masters degrees from Temple University’s Tyler School of Art certainly laid the foundation for his successful career as an artist. His passing at age 93 in November 2015 marked the end of an era for American portraiture.

Overall, “Iris (Alizes)” showcases Shikler’s impressive versatility as an artist across different styles and mediums. Its realistic portrayal leaves viewers with a sense that they are looking at nature up close, making it a captivating addition to any art collection.

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