Irises (1890) by Vincent Van Gogh

Irises - Vincent Van Gogh - 1890

Artwork Information

ArtistVincent Van Gogh
MediumOil On Canvas
Dimensions36 1/4 x 29 in. (92 x 73.5 cm)
Current LocationRijksmuseum Vincent Van Gogh, Amsterdam

About Irises

Vincent van Gogh’s Irises painting dates back to 1889 when he was staying at Saint-Paul asylum. This oil painting portrays a composition full of rich purple iris flowers without any indication of a sky, building or mountains in the background. It is said that van Gogh painted over 100 other works during his stay at Saint-Paul asylum, including The Starry Night.

Irises held the title of being the most expensive artwork in 1987 when it sold for $53.9 million USD, making it an incredible investment for whoever owned it. Interestingly, Van Gogh regularly used the same canvas size meaning all of his paintings were part of a set and would work together as a series if exhibited.

This stunning floral masterpiece is one of Van Gogh’s most recognizable works and has won admirers worldwide for its beauty and uniqueness. Today, Irises can be seen in museums and private collections worldwide, where it continues to inspire art enthusiasts from all walks of life.

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