Ivy in Flower (1941) by Henri Matisse

Ivy in Flower - Henri Matisse - 1941

Artwork Information

TitleIvy in Flower
ArtistHenri Matisse
Dimensions73 x 92 cm
Art MovementExpressionism
Current LocationPrivate Collection

About Ivy in Flower

The artwork “Ivy in Flower” by Henri Matisse, created in 1941, is an oil on canvas painting encapsulating the Expressionist movement. Its dimensions are 73 x 92 cm, and it portrays an interior scene. Currently part of a private collection, the piece exemplifies Matisse’s vivid use of color and expressive brushwork typical of his genre.

In “Ivy in Flower,” Matisse’s composition includes a centrally placed vase with ivy and a vivid red flower, situated against a neutral background. To the left of the vase, a dark blue piece of artwork with a white line drawing of a face hangs on the wall, adding a layer of creative depth to the scene. On the same plane as the vase, to its right, there’s a blue cup with a saucer, decorated with a simple, white design. In the foreground, an arrangement of citrus fruits rests on a white cloth, rendered with a loose, almost carefree style. The tabletop or surface on which these objects are arranged is colored in a warm, ochre tone. The overall palette of the painting is limited but vibrant, with bold, block colors that capture the light and shadow without intricate gradation. Matisse’s signature can be seen on the lower left corner, and the painting appears to have a phrase written at the bottom. The simplicity of the forms and the fluid outline subtly evoke a sense of stillness and domestic tranquility, elements frequently visited in the artist’s oeuvre.

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