Jeanne de Bourgogne by Achille Deveria

Jeanne de Bourgogne - Achille Deveria -

Artwork Information

TitleJeanne de Bourgogne
ArtistAchille Deveria
MediumLithography on Paper
Art MovementRomanticism
Current LocationNational Gallery of Art, Washington, DC, US

About Jeanne de Bourgogne

The artwork “Jeanne de Bourgogne” by Achille Deveria is a lithograph on paper that embodies the essence of the Romanticism movement. This piece, categorized as a history painting, depicts a scene that conveys a narrative from the past. It is part of the collection housed at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC, United States, where it contributes to the rich tapestry of historical and cultural art.

The artwork presents a dramatic scene set within the confines of a medieval or gothic architectural space, likely a castle or a stronghold. Two central figures dominate the scene. A female figure, presumably Jeanne de Bourgogne, stands with a poised and dignified expression, her attire consisting of a flowing dress with historically accurate folds and drapery that suggests nobility and grace. Beside her, a knight or nobleman is depicted in reverent or perhaps pleading posture, with one hand raised towards her as if in a gesture of supplication or discourse.

The setting includes a heavy draped curtain and a column, elements that add to the artwork’s depth and atmosphere, creating a strong sense of place and imbuing the scene with a sense of historical significance. The intensity and emotional gravity portrayed by the characters’ expressions and body language are emblematic of the Romantic period’s focus on emotion, individualism, and the glorification of the past.

In the background, a horse adorned with decorative reins signifies readiness for travel or the presence of a journey, while a partially opened door and a figure standing in the shadows introduce a narrative tension to the scene, suggesting an impending decision or action that will affect the course of events. The use of chiaroscuro—strong contrasts between light and dark—enhances the scene’s dramatic effect, drawing the viewer’s attention to the interaction between the main figures, and accentuating the texture of their garments and the surrounding architecture.

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