Jeune femme a la robe noire, jouant de la guitare by Adele Romany

Jeune femme a la robe noire, jouant de la guitare - Adele Romany - 119.5 x 86 cm

Artwork Information

TitleJeune femme a la robe noire, jouant de la guitare
ArtistAdele Romany
Date119.5 x 86 cm
MediumOil on Canvas
Art MovementNeoclassicism

About Jeune femme a la robe noire, jouant de la guitare

The artwork titled “Jeune femme a la robe noire, jouant de la guitare” is a Neoclassical oil on canvas painting by the artist Adele Romany. It measures 119.5 by 86 cm. The composition presents a young woman dressed in a simple yet elegant black dress, playing a guitar. In this work, one can observe the characteristics of Neoclassicism—clear lines, smooth brush strokes, and a return to classical simplicity and restraint.

The subject is poised before what appears to be a balcony or terrace, with a distant landscape visible in the background. She gazes directly at the viewer, a connection that imparts an immediacy to her portrayed performance. Her hair is arranged in an intricate braid that encircles her head, indicative of the hairstyles of the period. Her complexion is fair, and she has subtle touches of color on her cheeks and lips, imparting a sense of liveliness to her visage.

The guitar is held with a delicate, naturalistic grace, and the woman’s fingers are positioned as if they have just strummed the instrument, adding to the narrative that she is engaged in musical play. To her side, the richly textured fabric of a draped shawl adds a flourish of color and pattern to the composition, contrasting with the unadorned black of her dress.

The fabric’s paisley design and the ornate carvings of the guitar allude to the appreciation for fine detail and craftsmanship. The balustrade and unfocused landscape provide repose and space, directing the viewer’s focus back to the serene and concentrated expression of the young woman. Through this artwork, Romany captures not only the image of a genteel pastime but also the sensibility and aesthetic of her era, aligned with the Neoclassical movement’s reverence for the art and ideals of antiquity.

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