Jeune page by Abraham Teniers

Jeune page - Abraham Teniers -

Artwork Information

TitleJeune page
ArtistAbraham Teniers
MediumPainting on Panel
Dimensions37 x 48.5 cm.
Art MovementBaroque
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About Jeune page

The artwork “Jeune page,” created by the artist Abraham Teniers, belongs to the Baroque art movement. This movement, which emerged in the early 17th century, is known for its dramatic, rich, and vibrant style, often illustrating a sense of movement, contrast, and deep color.

The painting depicts a young page standing confidently in the center of a dimly lit room, surrounded by various pieces of armor and weaponry which are strewn about the floor and atop a wooden table. The page holds a prominent red cloak, drawing attention to his figure against the darker background. His attire, consisting of a white shirt with puffed sleeves, a patterned skirt-like garment, and tall boots, reflects the fashion of the time. The room opens to a brighter scene in the background where several figures can be seen engaged in what appears to be leisurely activities, possibly within a courtyard or market setting, introducing a dynamic contrast between the quiet stillness of the interior and the liveliness of the exterior. The painting is rich in textural details, from the shining surfaces of the metal armaments to the soft fabric of the cloak, and exhibits the characteristic play of light and shadow typical of Baroque art.

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