JOB (1896) by Alphonse Mucha

JOB - Alphonse Mucha - 1896

Artwork Information

ArtistAlphonse Mucha
Dimensions59 x 173 cm
Art MovementArt Nouveau
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About JOB

Alphonse Mucha’s poster for Job cigarette papers has become an iconic work in design history. This poster features a modern girl with Pre-Raphaelite hair holding a lighted cigarette, symbolizing the contemporary femininity of the time. Mucha treated this poster as a canvas and broke down the conventional boundaries between art and craft. He incorporated intricate patterns, floral elements, and lettering to create a visually stunning piece that captures both the Art Nouveau style and the Bohemian spirit.

The ‘Mucha woman’ depicted in this poster established an iconic image that captured audiences worldwide. Her elaborate hair became one of Mucha’s trademarks, capturing the fantasy-like beauty he wished to convey to viewers. This design was also heavily influenced by Japonism, which is present in its flat two-dimensional forms and elongated figures.

Job by Alphonse Mucha is not only an influential masterpiece from his famed career but also showcased his contribution to popular art movements like Art Nouveau at its height. The innovative use of ornamentation adds depth to this simple image of a lone smoker, transcending her into something more emblematic about what it means to be both human and female.

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