John F. Kennedy Official Portrait (1970) by Aaron Shikler

John F. Kennedy Official Portrait - Aaron Shikler - 1970

Artwork Information

TitleJohn F. Kennedy Official Portrait
ArtistAaron Shikler
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions127 x 86.4 cm
Art MovementNew Realism

About John F. Kennedy Official Portrait

The artwork in question is an oil on canvas portrait titled “John F. Kennedy Official Portrait,” completed by artist Aaron Shikler in the year 1970. Adhering to the New Realism art movement, the portrait measures 127 x 86.4 cm and represents a genre of portraiture that captures the essence of the individual depicted.

The artwork reveals a contemplative figure, whose posture and expression convey a solemn and introspective mood. The choice of a muted color palette, primarily consisting of earthy tones, enhances the painting’s serious and dignified atmosphere. The figure is presented in a near full-length view, standing with his body turned slightly to the side, his arms crossed, and his gaze directed downward, which may suggest a moment of reflection or mourning. The meticulous attention to the rendering of textures, such as the fabric of the suit and the details of the hair, demonstrates Shikler’s skillful execution typical of the New Realism movement, which strives for a form of expression that is both authentic and evocative. The background is understated and devoid of any detailed setting, which places full emphasis on the figure itself. Overall, the artwork captures a poignant and humanizing image of its subject.

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