Jose Costa Y Bonells Pepito by Francisco Goya

Jose Costa Y Bonells Pepito - Francisco Goya -

Artwork Information

TitleJose Costa Y Bonells Pepito
ArtistFrancisco Goya
Art MovementRococo

About Jose Costa Y Bonells Pepito

The artwork “Jose Costa Y Bonells Pepito” is a portrait by the eminent artist Francisco Goya. This piece falls within the Rococo art movement, which is known for its ornate and decorative qualities, though Goya’s work often transitioned into Romanticism in his later years. The portrait depicts a young boy with elements that suggest it is an individual portrayal, rather than a generic representation of childhood.

The artwork captures a young boy in a poised stance, dressed in a lavish costume that suggests wealth and social status. The boy’s outfit is composed of a deep green jacket with gold trimmings and white breeches, a style typical of high society in the period when the painting was created. He holds a hat in one hand, while his other hand grasps what appears to be a whip or a baton, indicating he may have been playing or pretending to ride the wooden horse partially visible beside him. The child’s expression is both serious and innocent, which, along with his direct gaze, invites the viewer to contemplate his character and status.

The elements shown—the wooden horse, drum, and the rich attire—provide a narrative context that enriches the portrait and possibly alludes to his interests or aspects of his upbringing. Goya’s handling of the paint, the subtle rendering of the facial features, and the intricate depiction of the rich fabrics all demonstrate his skill in portraying not just the likeness, but the essence of his subject.

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