Joseph Being Taken to Prison (c.1512) by Lucas van Leyden

Joseph Being Taken to Prison - Lucas van Leyden - c.1512

Artwork Information

TitleJoseph Being Taken to Prison
ArtistLucas van Leyden
Art MovementNorthern Renaissance
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About Joseph Being Taken to Prison

In the early 16th century, a remarkable work of art was created by the Dutch painter Lucas van Leyden, known for his contributions to the Northern Renaissance style. The painting titled “Joseph Being Taken to Prison” vividly depicts a scene from the biblical story of Joseph, who was falsely accused by Potiphar’s wife and subsequently imprisoned. This religious painting, completed around 1512, is a testament to the artist’s skill in capturing the emotional intensity of the narrative.

The artwork showcases Potiphar’s wife as she presents Joseph’s garment to her husband, signaling the moment of accusation that leads to Joseph’s unjust captivity. In the background, one can observe the innocent Joseph being led away to prison, a poignant reminder of the consequences of deceit and the resilience of faith. The painting is executed with oil on panel, a medium that allows for rich detail and depth, characteristic of van Leyden’s work.

Lucas van Leyden’s “Joseph Being Taken to Prison” is not only a piece of religious significance but also an important cultural artifact from the Northern Renaissance period. It resides in the collection of the Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen in Rotterdam, Netherlands, where it continues to be admired for its historical and artistic value.

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