Marigolds (1877) by Albert Joseph Moore

Marigolds - Albert Joseph Moore - 1877

Artwork Information

ArtistAlbert Joseph Moore
Art MovementAcademicism
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About Marigolds

“Joseph Marigolds” is an artwork by Albert Joseph Moore rendered in oil on canvas, associated with the Academicism movement. The genre of this work is portrait.

In the artwork, a figure stands against a floral-patterned backdrop. The subject is dressed in a flowing, diaphanous gown in a shade of pale blue-green that drapes elegantly around the body. Her pose is one of gentle repose, with one hand raised to her chin in a thoughtful, perhaps contemplative, gesture. Her gaze does not meet the viewer, suggestive of introspection.

The figure’s red-gold hair is styled up and away from her face, revealing her delicate features. Around her neck is a string of pearls that adds a touch of sophistication to her simple attire. The subtle realism in the rendering of her form suggests the artist’s skill in capturing human likeness and the refined treatment characteristic of Academic art, which often emphasized beauty and technical skill.

The backdrop of lush florals and the patterned vase on the left complement the figure, rooting her in a richly decorative space that typifies the aesthetic sensibilities of the era. A carpet with intricate designs covers the floor by her feet, enhancing the image with textural details and a sense of depth. Overall, the composition is harmonious and serene, evoking a timeless tranquility.

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