Joseph Pembauer (1890) by Gustav Klimt

Joseph Pembauer - Gustav Klimt - 1890

Artwork Information

TitleJoseph Pembauer
ArtistGustav Klimt
MediumOil On Canvas
Dimensions69 x 55 cm

About Joseph Pembauer

In 1890, Gustav Klimt painted a portrait of Joseph Pembauer, a pianist and piano teacher. The painting is considered a symbolist Art Nouveau masterpiece due to its incredible level of detail and lifelike appearance. In fact, the painting looks so real that it could be mistaken for a photograph.

One of the most striking aspects of the painting is the depiction of Apollo, Greek god of music, playing a lyre in the top right corner. This adds an element of mythology and fantasy to the otherwise realistic portrait. The overall effect is one of beauty and harmony.

The portrait can be found in the Tyrolean State Museum in Innsbruck, Austria. For those who wish to own a reproduction or print for themselves, it is available as a Giclee print or handmade oil painting reproduction.

This portrait not only showcases Klimt’s incredible skill as an artist but also provides a glimpse into the life and profession of Joseph Pembauer. Through this painting, we are able to understand how important music was in Austrian society during this time period and further appreciate Klimt’s contributions to art history.

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