Julia de Varennes (c.1830 – c.1839) by Achille Deveria

Julia de Varennes (1805-1849) - Achille Deveria - c.1830 - c.1839

Artwork Information

TitleJulia de Varennes (1805-1849)
ArtistAchille Deveria
Datec.1830 - c.1839
Art MovementRealism
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About Julia de Varennes (1805-1849)

Julia de Varennes, a figure from the 19th century, was immortalized in a portrait by Achille Deveria, a renowned artist of the time. The artwork, created between approximately 1830 and 1839, is a testament to Deveria’s skill in the Realism style, capturing the essence of his subject with precision and attention to detail.

Achille Deveria, born in 1800, was a prolific French painter and lithographer known for his portraits and genre scenes. His body of work includes a diverse range of subjects, from prominent figures like Francois-Rene de Chateaubriand, Victor Hugo, Alexander Dumas, and many others. Deveria’s talent extended beyond portraiture; he also explored caricature and produced self-portraits, showcasing his versatility as an artist.


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