Julius Caesar (Roman Art)

Julius Caesar - Roman Art -

Artwork Information

TitleJulius Caesar
ArtistRoman Art
Current LocationVatican Museums, Vatican City

About Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar, a Roman general and politician from the patrician gens, played a significant role in changing Rome’s history. He declared himself dictator and was assassinated by political rivals in 44 B.C. The story of his life and death is considered a tragedy in Shakespeare’s play.

In Ancient Rome, sculpture was one of the most popular forms of art. Julius Caesar was the first living person to be depicted on coins, and his profile portraits became the standard subject on coins throughout the Roman Empire. Artistic representation of Caesar captures his power and influence as a leader. The ability to persuade a crowd through public speaking was highly valued in politics, as seen in Brutus’ speech in Julius Caesar.

Apart from his influence on art and politics, Julius Caesar also introduced significant changes to the Roman calendar and army. He started a civil war that had a significant impact on Rome’s political landscape. In summary, Julius Caesar’s life and death, his impact on the political and artistic world, and his contributions to Rome’s history make him a fascinating figure to study.

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