July Interior (1964) by Fairfield Porter

July Interior - Fairfield Porter - 1964

Artwork Information

TitleJuly Interior
ArtistFairfield Porter
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions56 1/8 x 72 in
Art MovementContemporary Realism
Current LocationHirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, Washington

About July Interior

The artwork entitled “July Interior” was crafted by the artist Fairfield Porter in the year 1964. This piece, rendered in oil on canvas, is a quintessential example of Contemporary Realism. The piece’s sizable dimensions measure at 56 1/8 by 72 inches, and it falls within the genre of interior scenes. Currently, “July Interior” is housed at the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden located in Washington, D.C.

The artwork captures an intimate indoor setting that is both personal and detailed. A figure rests upon a bed, comfortably lying on their side with their head propped up by an arm and looking outward, seemingly engaging the viewer with an inquisitive and relaxed gaze. The individual’s appearance is casual, with white attire that lends a sense of ease to the composition. Surrounding the central figure, the meticulously depicted environment features a bright, airy room furnished with household items that suggest a lived-in space. The side table next to the bed hosts an array of items including a book, glasses, and a small box, contributing to the narrative of the moment captured.

The vividly patterned curtains add a pop of color to the scene and frame the glimpse of the world outside – the exterior view through the window shows green foliage and the reflection of a building, implying a suburban or residential context. The natural light from the window bathes the room in warmth. The artist’s use of brushwork and color expresses a serene atmosphere and conveys a sense of time standing still. Porter’s rendering not only reflects a specific moment in time but also evokes the everyday beauty of domestic life.

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