Keith Haring Drawing In The New York City Subway (1981) by Keith Haring

Keith Haring Drawing In The New York City Subway - Keith Haring - 1981

Artwork Information

TitleKeith Haring Drawing In The New York City Subway
ArtistKeith Haring

About Keith Haring Drawing In The New York City Subway

Between 1980 and 1985, contemporary American artist Keith Haring created over 5,000 pieces of public art in the New York City subway stations. Through his subway drawings, Haring was able to develop his recognizable linear style that he became famous for. His work was heavily influenced by the graffiti art that covered the walls and cars of subway stations.

Haring altered street advertisements throughout New York City in the early 1980s as a subtle way to make his artistic voice heard. This eventually led him underground to create his “performances” on subway station walls. Although he needed to complete his work quickly to avoid being arrested, Haring’s style did not suffer; it became even more refined due to the reduction of details and simplification techniques.

Born an artist at age four, Haring spent much of his youth drawing extensively with uncommon enthusiasm, making a vast inventory of images that he would later use as part of his public artwork all over NYC. This body of early drawings also allowed him perfecting techniques like simplicity- a key part especially in creating imagery during subway travels.

In conclusion, Keith Haring’s time spent underground paid off handsomely. His works are still celebrated today as some examples can be seen in museums like outside realms too. He is revered by both environmentalists who idealize art located outside of galleries but also painters who seek inspiration from unconventional locations like subways or back alleys around town precincts across America where artists claim ownership to city slums through murals which incorporate social responsibility themes such as exemplifying just how valuable creativity is not just for artists but for humankind overall because they provide venues towards justice-driven social commodities alongside cultural heritage currency conservation strategies worldwide

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