Kings Play (2023) by Van Hovak

Kings Play - Van Hovak - 2023

Artwork Information

TitleKings Play
ArtistVan Hovak
MediumAcrylic, Oil on Canvas

About Kings Play

The artwork entitled “Kings Play” by artist Van Hovak was created in the year 2023. It is executed using a combination of acrylic and oil on a canvas that measures 19.7 by 15.7 inches. The piece falls under the scandal genre and is affiliated with the art movement known as art brut, which is characterized by its raw, non-traditional aesthetic, typically outside the norms of the established art scene.

“Kings Play” presents a stylized figure that could be interpreted as a royal personage, given the presence of what appears to be a crown and the rich, regal attire. The artwork features bold colors and a sense of flattened depth, creating a striking visual field. The face of the figure is depicted with dramatic, angular lines that evoke a sense of severity and power. In the figure’s proximity is a smaller creature, possibly a representation of a toy or a whimsical being, which seems to be engaged in an animated action that contrasts with the stillness and perhaps the seriousness of the central figure.

In the background, city or palatial structures are visible, subtly blending into the backdrop while still contributing to the overall narrative of a royal or noble setting. The varying brushstrokes and textural differences between the figure and the elements around it bring forward a dynamic interplay between the subjects of the painting. The artwork may indeed represent or critique notions of power, authority, or the roles individuals play within societal hierarchies, fitting within the genre’s theme of ‘scandal’ by potentially challenging or revealing underlying dynamics of power and control.

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